Payday Loans in California

Bad Credit Loans in CA

People whose credit scores are not so perfect are always under the impression that, some of their monetary disasters in their past will tag them as bad credit holders making them unable to receive any financial assistance for the rest of their life. However our bad credit loans in CA from PaydayLoanHelp is a complete disagreement to this impression. Our instant payday loan options are designed to provide second chance to borrowers with high credit risk. Not only that you can use our cash loans for arranging money in sudden distress; you can also rebuild your credit score if you can use the loan money sensibly.

Being direct lender, we believe in the saying ‘Nobody is Perfect’ and extend all the necessary help for customers who have bad credit for their failed payments in past. However, with our payday loans we can pledge to offer you the following advantages:-

  • Financial assistance in times of need
  • 100% guaranteed approval for instant cash loan
  • Provision for improving credit score
  • No credit check required
  • Needless paperwork and faxing reduced.

Alternative to California Installment Loans

With no hard credit check and guaranteed approval with minimum obligatory eligibilities for most applicants, both these short-term loans are gaining popularity lately. However between pay day advances and installment loans in CA, choosing the better option, depends on the kind of crisis you are facing and amount of money you need. Online Payday cash loans are generally small loan amounts, ranging around $1000, which you need to repay in 2 to 4 weeks. Since the amount is very small, you can easily pay it back in lump sum on your next salary date. But, if you need more than $1500, installment loans will be a better option as you can make easy repayments within the time frame suitable to you.

Logically, bigger amounts are easy to be repaid in small installments, though it can charges a bit of higher interest. But the positive side of payday loans are that you need not carry the loan for a longer term, saving you from overpaying in interest. So we can conclude that salary advances are good enough to substitute other options of personal loan in CA, provided your cash needs are met. However our online payday loans at PaydayLoanHelp are better alternative to California installment loans in cities like Sacramento, San Diego, Lancaster, Modesto, Hemet, and Los Angeles as you can have the benefits of both payday loans and installment loans all in one. You can avail a small loan up to $1000, with us and pay it up as per your convenience, we won’t charge any additional finance fees for that.

Requirements for Payday Loans Online California No Credit Check

Apart from all the facilities mentioned till now, all our quick loans have online approval. We do provide loan approval over phone as well. All you need to do is fill up the simple online application form with the required credentials. This you can do at any point of time as our assistance is available round the clock 24/7. At PaydayLoanHelp our requirements for payday loans online California with no credit check are very minimal which are as follows:-

  • You citizenship proof
  • Your age proof showing you 18 years or more
  • Your SSN number
  • Your bank account details with valid phone number and email id.

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