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Searching for the phrase "I Need Money Now" on Google Never Ends?

When you need money right now to cater to an urgent matter and you search the phrase "I need $1000 right now" or "Help! I need money today!" on the internet, no one suggests that you go to a traditional lender for the same. Why? Because they take ages to approve your loan request. Their time consuming procedures that include credit checks and the processing of collaterals takes quite a while which is why they end up causing a delay in funding you.

However, that isn't the case with online loan lenders like us- PaydayLoanHelp. We avoid conducting time consuming procedures which is why we manage to approve your loan almost instantly. Our time-saving processes include basic documentation which is why we end up processing your request for a loan as soon as possible, and funding comes right after that.

Why Look for Online Loans when You Need Emergency Money Now?

The first step to opt for when you need money urgently is to ask a friend or a family member since they do not need to process any information to give you a loan, and in most likelihood shall not even ask you to pay interest. However, not everyone can afford to lend money which is why they may not be able to help you. In such a situation, it is wise to ask a direct lender to give you money instead of a traditional one. As mentioned above, direct lenders do not take as long as traditional lenders do to provide one with a loan.

Now, the next step is to opt for an online lender instead of a store based one. Why? This should answer your question:

  • Travelling all the way to a store and from one store to the other is undoubtedly time consuming. By choosing to apply online, you can completely eliminate travel time from the amount of time you may need to spend to apply for a loan.
  • No paperwork means that you get to dodge that ball, which means that you get to avoid the whole hassle and time it takes to fill out forms and provide hard copies of your documents which includes getting them Xeroxed and more.
  • No faxing again is something that you get to avoid, which can save you a lot of time considering the fact that fax machines are quite slow.
  • You don't have to visit your lender specifically during their "opening hours" and can apply as soon as you need money. That way, you also don't have to skip going to work or going ahead with any other important task just to apply for a loan. This not only saves time but is also a convenient option.

Need Money Now for Bad Credit? Apply With Us

We are a direct lender providing cash advances to people with all kinds of credit histories. That's because, we do not believe in judging your ability to repay based on your previous financial transactions/ repayment histories. We believe in your present ability to repay which is why we consider your current income statement in order to fund you. As long as you have a stable income, there shouldn't be a problem in funding you. Along with that, here are the few basic documents that we need in order to fund you:

  • Your income statement
  • Your SSN
  • Your checking account details
  • Your verifiable contact details
  • Your age proof (18+)

Need Money Now? Applying With Us Involves 3 Simple Steps

Online applications: Our online applications take just about 3 minutes to complete, along with which you will have to provide the basic documents that we ask you for.

Instant Approvals: Once you submit your documents, it is only a matter of a few minutes after which we shall approve your request for a loan. In case we have any doubts regarding the documents that you provide us with, we shall get in touch with you through the contact details provided by you.

Quick Transfers: Once we approve your loan, we shall immediately transfer funds. It should reach you in about 24 hours (depending on the policies of your bank).

Why Worry About Providing Collateral when you Need to Borrow Money Now?

Traditional lenders require their borrowers to offer collateral of some sort in order to approve their request for a loan, especially if they have bad credit. However, this slows down the process of approving and lending a loan to their borrowers which is why direct lenders like PaydayLoanHelp do not ask for any kind of security in order to approve a loan. As long as you provide us with the documents that we ask you for, you shall most likely be granted a loan by us, even if you have bad credit and without you needing to provide security of some sort.


I asked for financial help among my relatives but none could come to my rescue. Finally, I spent hours together online, searching for a genuine lender. It was a daunting task. One of my friends proposed this site. I just submitted my online application yesterday and got the cash today

– Anne Smink

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